“I’m a collector. I’ve always just seemed to collect personalities and ideas. That’s the point of what I am doing.” cfr. David Bowie

About the project

The European Citizen Popsong is a long term art project, in which Marieke Dermul, theatre maker and singer-songwriter, tries to research whether a European identity or a common European sense exists? The power of music has erased boundaries before, but can it make us feel connected as European citizens, after the Brexit and other anti-Europe manifestations?

Trying to work that out, Marieke is creating a song of which the music and the lyrics will be a compilation of different styles and opinions by citizens (musicians, journalists, anarchists, …) from all over Europe. She will be travelling from Berlin over London to Budapest, Athens, and Kiev to feed the popsong, which will develop thanks to this input.

So, the dialogue is running and she is and will be working together with all these people towards this goal. Of course, this process will have its ups and downs, but the end result should be a multidisciplinary performance, which looks back on the research of one year.


Marieke Dermul is a Belgian theatre maker, actress, and singer-songwriter who studied at the Theatre School of Amsterdam. She played at the Noord Nederlands Toneel, Orkater, Bellevue Theater, Fabuleus, and MAAStd as a multidisciplinary performer. She was part of the pop/rock band Superlijm, who produced the single ‘Michael Jordan’ (Afrekening of Studio Brussel 2010). In her own theatre work, she explores how ‘curiosity’ can be the motor of introducing  ‘big themes’ into the context of daily, human encounters. In her theatrical performances, she dares to ask questions she would not dare to ask in daily life, although these questions are in many cases asked on the basis of not understanding/not knowing. During her performances, the borders between fiction and reality are frequently crossed.